What is domain ? What is a Domain Name? Type of Domain?

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What is Domain?

What is Domain


A Domain is not a domain name. It is domain like .com. but google.com. Google is name of domain web name and .com   Web name + domain name = Domain name. Like Google + .com = google.com .Domain is extension of website name .com .org .net .bd .in You can buy any type Domain like .cc .tk .ml .xyz


What is a Domain Name?


A domain name is a website name/web address. Such as google.com. That is like an IP address. When someone types  google.com into a web browser the requested web page displays. A domain name is an identification string controlling the realm on the internet.

A   name is an identification string that specifies a realm of organizational autonomy, authority, or authority within the Internet.

names are used in various networking settings and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes. A domain name, often corresponding with a domain, is the address used to visit a website.

It’s what occurs after the ‘@’ in an email address or after the ‘www.’ in a web address. For example, if the complete URL or website address is https://www.google.com/en/email,  the domain name in it is ‘google.com’.

You can see, while names and URLs are linked, they are not identical. If you think of it as a house, the domain would be the place address, and the URL would be the complete course to the area, including the special room inside the home.

A web domain name is a string of letters or numbers and hyphens separated by one or more points(“.”) that act as a signal to a unique numerical address (IP) on a workstation network such as the Internet. That address may host publicly possible content (e.g. a website) or maybe a special intranet.


A web domain name always ends with an expansion of 2 or 3 signs. These characters can signify the country the website address is affiliated with or the type of company, but this isn’t always the case – more on that

Types of domains?

Type of domain?

If you buy a domain. If you know the type of domain. Many types of domain names. .com .net .org .uk .us .oi .tk But all domain,s not one type.

              1. TLD – Top Level Domains
              2. CCTLD – country code Top-level domain
              3. GTLD = generic top-level domain
              4.  IDN ccTLD – internationalized country code top-level domains

1 TLD – Top Level Domains

These are at the highest level in the DNS structure of the Internet. There are several different types of TLD’s, being:

2 CCTLD – country code Top-level domain

Two-letter domains organized for geographic locations; for example; .au .us .uk country code basic name not international .

When incipiently selected, usually only residents of a country could register their corresponding ccTLD. But over the years quite a few countries have allowed people outside their shores to register website names.

An example of this is Tuvalu (.tv). In the case of .au domain names, strict rules are still in place (and that’s a good thing). For example, .com.au registrants must still be Australians or have registered business titles in Australia.

The recording ability criteria for au names has meant .au is still actively connected with Australia and has nursed a great deal of trust and trust among local and even overseas online shoppers.

3 GTLD = generic top-level domain

The best known general TLDs include .com, .NET, .biz, .org and .info – these can be registered by anyone, everywhere in the world. However, some of the new gTLD’s more newly released have different restrictions.

4 IDN ccTLD – internationalized country code top-level domains

A top-level name with a specifically encoded arrangement that allows it to be represented in a non-Latin character set (i.e. special characters).

What is www?

WWW (world wide web). The World Wide Web, generally known as The Web, is a data system. where documents and other web sources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators. which may be interlinked by hypertext and are accessible over the Int.

How does Domain Name Work?

They serve under the Name System (DNS). This is really the address book of the Internet that helps direct visitors to your website by transposing. The names into its related IP address number progression. Finding where the source is stored. Learn more about how DNS works.

Where to buy domain names?

If you buy a domain. Domain goes to domain provider website and registration in your favorite domain and starts your business and blog. Domain Provider name list.

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